Don't Trust 'Em

by LastO

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released May 20, 2011



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LastO New York

Since 2008 LastO (Last Offence) has been building a repertoire of music that stretches the limits of what his genre will allow. The Saint Louis born emcee debuted with the groundbreaking "Run A Lap" (EP) most famous for cult-status hits "So Magical" and "Hello Boyz". By March of 2009, the emcee was already offering a darker, grittier and overall more refined follow-up "Not For Non Profit". ... more

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Track Name: Don't Trust 'Em (w/ Milan Zanotti)
"I don't trust no nigga far as I can throw 'em"

Don't trust them if they...don't trust them if they...don't trust them if they always ask for money/
Don't trust them if they... don't trust them if they...eyes is always drifting to the side you ain't no dummy is you?
Don't trust them if they... don't trust them if they... don't trust them if they always ask for money/
Don't trust them if they / don't you dare trust them if they / don't you dare trust them if you call 'em and they text you back

Who talks the goodest game? / you Obama or McCain? / 'cause you could sell a golden girl a tampon wit' not n'ery string / smooth as baby bottom / them the types with AIDS all on 'em / ran through - they don't catch no trains, the train done came and caught them / but uh... I'll keep an eye out for the signs I like ya / you cheat on me, I'll put you in a grown person's diaper / I'm the best you ever had! You don't realize then wear this vest - you better have / click-clack - pit-pit-pit-pit get ya dead / I'm kiddin wit you / I aint met no piece of ass worth workin in prison's kitchens / a.k.a a conviction, this right here's the ocean, plenty more fish up in 'em to cut, dig out they guts, and rinse 'em / sorry I am not usually up in this position / I'm in love! / you're not a piece of ass... you're a piece of my heart which means that if you leave then there's a piece that's missing / trusting you until a reason or need for suspicion (but I don't)


VERSE TWO (Milan Zanotti):
Now baby I done been around that block and seen a couple things / why you why you talkin' on the phone in the bathroom with the faucet running? / why I gotta toss you money? / ain't you got a job? / got a couple other babies... from a couple other broads? / I used to be a dummy bitch / "Peaches and cream! Everything is funny!" / That girl is gone now I'm on some 'Oh, who's this girl you chummy with?' .... no, for real, who is that fucking bitch? / and on ya' Facebook who you chatting with? What is you after? / Let me find out that you running game on some ole tacky tranny bitch / don't make me have to cut a ho, and I don't trust 'em if they never use the phone, y'know, reach out and just touch a ho / I call you then you text me back... if the sex was wack I would've been left your ass but the sex was bomb / I don't trust them if I can't trust myself around them and they fuck too well / they been fuckin' too fuckin long!


And I swear that's how it always end / you a nine, they find a ten, find a friend, yeah, they call 'em friend until you find that friend inside of them / I'll hurt you like a root canal, tear this house and roofing down, you sleep around I'll wake you up / like I could show a rooster how / got me lookin foolish now - you ain't shit, you ain't piss / none of the above huh / your name is mud baby that's short for mudda-fucka / only got myself to blame: L and A, S and T, by the grace of God may you go 'head and catch a S & T add a D, add a fee / food and rent and transportation I will run a tab for thee / Just keep it cute and adorable you and your open door policy for every hole they poke it through / the cute ones... if they too cute then get a nut and leave it / them the ones that masturbate: you know, feel themselves / you know: they conceited / you knew you couldn't trust them when you asked about a rubber and they said they didn't need it

They lyin to you / They lyin to you / They lyin to you
Track Name: The City (w/ Stern)
The answer is yes... and the question: is it goin' down / in Brooklyn by way of Saint Louis... oh it's some hoes in town / by hoes I mean homos in chokers / look here you know me child or are you stuck on stupid? / the strongest adhesive holds you down / and what you know about? / come here let me teach you something / follow me like twitter I keeps these woofers and tweeters bumpin' / gassed up, full tank, don't run on "E" or nothing / pay these hater niggas dust - receipts for nothing / "L", capital, spell the rest / my resume reads: two albums of shit talkin... smell the breath / but yet and still I am beloved still, fuckin' ill, the flow will knock you on your fuckin' ass / how do concussions feel? / act off kilter like I took a bunch of pills and me and Sterny Stern about to paint this mutha-fucka red / he down in Mesa... uh huh Mesa comma AZ / I'm up in NYC, attitude is on fuck you pay me/

HOOK (DJ Corbett):
Ooooh ooh / The city looks right tonight and I can feel it / I see my name in those flashing lights and I can see it / Its going down all over the world / Its goin down all across the world tonight... tonight/

Dressed to uh, impress / boo, bougie than a mutha-fucka / bangels and things, rings, rain on my parade you couldn't / wanna do me? Slip me roofies in my ruby red / I'll go back to crib with you / sike! Sorry, I don't drink no liquor! / They talked me up, talkin bout my fuckin fatty / Tall dark and guapo... why 'ont you toss it up and call me daddy / full player mode, A-okay, razor so, sharp - open up they arteries like 'see you later boy' / mouth wide open lick my anus hole / that's why God had made it for / you just don't wanna play the ho / but if that Prada shoe do fit... cover up yo' pinky toe / cover up you're halfway naked; looks like I can pay you for it! / hook it up / "Hooker" -- look it up in dictionary / pictures and flicks of you gettin' dicked in butt nigga / hopscotch / ya'll playin games I'm fully grown / ya'll still got a phone fulla dickpics and cockshots..


VERSE THREE (Stern Savage):
Two chains have the neck on this bear / and a bezel on my watch; flash bright #Times Square / Encino Man, that jewelry got me frostbitten so I mean it when I say I got a fetish for that jewelry / And my closet lookin like a mini-Neiman's / I be Gucci, I be Louis, on the weekends I be Prada / I spend it proper, I am always lookin flyer, can't tell this rapper nothin, I am Mr. Spend More Dollars / All this time I been bathing in that limelight / Its a different market so don't mean I'm on that down low / Pass the torch to L.O. like homie get ya shine on / you can be a mini-me so go 'head spit that Dylan /

Track Name: My Papi Bought It (w/ Milan Zanotti)
LastO Verse One:
I got you...I got you... a tad more than shopping bags from H&M | you call me Papi, Last'll pay for them | swipe swipe | it ain't tricking if you got it | no it ain't tricking if you grown and then you picks a good one, not these ole pick-a-pocket bitches good for suckin dick and then you gots to drop them | I could take you home to momma, send you to parlors for massages let 'em rub up on ya with Jojoba | bought you iPods and fuckin gadgets, you put Rih-Rih on there | you know I ain't no hater but it better be some me on there | love you like a plate of cooked food, x and o | I bought you these and then you slide 'em off, you can't have sex in those | ya Papi is popular, you can run and tell your friends exactly what I bought for ya | go on show it off for them

My papi bought me that
You see my jewels blang
My papi bought me that
Filled up my fuel tank
My papi bought me that
Went in his pocket for me | right in his pocket and he spending out his wallet on me

My papi bought me that
Bought me some new thangs
My papi bought me that
Said it was loose change
My papi bought me that
Went in his pocket for me | right in his pocket and he spending out his wallet on me

LastO Verse Two:
So money make the world spin around this bitch like bicycle spokes | that's what nine-to-fives is for, and writing lines that rhyme is for | you my dime, not dime-a-dozen, diamond that I find in the rough, go in the store and I buy it up, I like to see you smile and stuff | wake up to the smell of Folgers, see you suckin and swallowing up | mm mm good like Campbell's soup, scrambled eggs and ham will do | breakfast that you fixing up, looking good enough to eat, pick up plates and lick them up like a bowl of grits and stuff | they can eat a bowl of dicks and stuff, they shaking salt on us | a-ssault and battery, wanna break us up like bones and stuff | cause you got the phone they want, stones they want, plus the man they want to hold you down spending all his 0s on what... show them what

Milan Zanotti:
I'm breaking pockets while he breaking the bread | my papi give me what I want, he say 'throw it in the bag' | he cut them checks, shopping sprees, look what he bought for me | custom fitted from Jacob (cha-ching!) even Tiffany's | fast cars, black cards, no limit when we spending | pass ya'll in Lamborghini's looking pretty when I'm sitting | five speed, stick shift, body tight, abs ripping | when we hit the five star, he pull it out -- then I'm lick in | uh oh, I think I want the other Louis bag | Giuseppe heels and Prada shades that them bitches ain't have | I'm bougie, cute and trendy -- why these bitches look mad? | because my papi bought me everything they wish they could have (ha ha)