Where's Vivian? [Deluxe Version]

by LastO

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Not so much a finale in a trilogy as it is the opening of an entirely other chapter in LastO's chronicle-- "Where's Vivian?" flaunts a more boastful if not more jaded emcee returning to the mic after a long hiatus. The full length LP sees LastO for the first time confronting love and racial politics; however party anthems and good ol' shit talking medleys are not in short supply.


released July 31, 2013

Executive Producer: LastO & Antwon "TwiZz@" Wallace
Art Direction: Shakiem Reed



all rights reserved


LastO New York

Since 2008 LastO (Last Offence) has been building a repertoire of music that stretches the limits of what his genre will allow. The Saint Louis born emcee debuted with the groundbreaking "Run A Lap" (EP) most famous for cult-status hits "So Magical" and "Hello Boyz". By March of 2009, the emcee was already offering a darker, grittier and overall more refined follow-up "Not For Non Profit". ... more

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Track Name: 34th or 42nd
Inebriated off the weed shit
Got it on lock and the key stick
I ain't never been in no cast for
trippin off none of you wack hoes
It's LastO -- so gag ho
Body was made by Bowflex
I'm the best and a boat is wet
that's obvious type "duh" shit
I'm the showstopper, show stop, none of them niggas wanna go next
Got no flops, just four pots on four burners I'm so hot
Spherical -- round of applause for my weary toes
Got weary toes cuz i run shit
Gon do shit, done done shit
Saint Louis I claim that
Some niggas where I came from
would rather I didn't claim that
But I'm not from they part
I'm face to face with onslaught
Well on guard til I'm on off
tell these muh-fuckas how I do (it's poppin)

Truth be told
I might not be
Who they was rootin for
Who they would like to see
But where my work's concerned
Baby that work is done
Tell these muthafuckas what I do
I get it poppin
It's poppin (x3): 34th or 42nd
It's poppin (x3): like 34th or 42nd
It's poppin (x3): 34th or 42nd
Tell these muthafuckas what I do

Won’t even think it out
Four letter words… right out my kinky mouth
Oh I’m not they cup of Nestea – well they Jet Li: expendable
Karate chop
Like Molly’s popped, like Molly’s popped
Flow on drugs like Molly’s popped
And these niggas need work in a body shop
Decepticons, not Autobots: Transformed
Nigga hot – touch me and your hand’s warm
Wherever I stand – that man lower
Land or sea – that’s man lower
My shit like hand to hand maneuver
Toss and flip that man over
Pine box: my career
Six feet deep in a sandlot
But my foot been up they ass so long got brown shoes; got tan sox
Sub tweets, makin’ songs…
When will all my Stans stop?
Sir Stan-a-lot; stan for me
Trying to get a penny off who?
Ya’ll niggas chose the harder way
Ya'll name should be Anfernee
Don't need no hateration no holleration in that Dance'ree
If you want; come dance with me
Get embarrassed so ya fans can see
Tell these muthafuckas what I do (it's poppin)


Money in the pocket!
Shop for my suits
Cock then i shoot
Fakin alla that gangsta shit
I front if I want
Hop up off my thang or dick
Mispronounce my name and shit
Its LastO not Offence
Ya'll stuck on stupid; ya'll toes stick
Been up off that ho shit
But ya'll suck; I swallow
I'll swallow up this whole shit
Ozone -- who got more holes is it your story and shit?
Or is it ozone bitch?
My money's on your shit
T-shirt and these jeans it is not fashion week but they ask for me like Last, at last, amen, let the pastor speak
that's blas-phemy
But I got on this here graphic tee
It say I don't give a fuck
Keeps them boys from asking me
Got themselves a GED in making them lil mp3s
I got a degree, doctorate: a phd
In here poppin shit
Play, rewind, then replay me
Tell these muhfuckas how I do

Track Name: Candy Clouds (feat. Jocelyn Medina)
Forty days; Forty Nights
Rain… for forty
Forty days; Forty Nights
Rain nigga… for forty

Candy clouds
I'm in that sweet spot
Breathe, cough
Serenading that Mary Jane
Puff Puff
Kiss me on my derrier
A fairy? Yeah. They're aware
Alternate? Why for?
One big hole -- fit 'em all in there
Barcelon / Last Offence
Pool fulla cuties with nothing on
Candy clouds -- sweet life
You a thug, but yo jeans tight
Which means gay niggas made mainstream
With one ace up a sleeve
Find you a wing you can wait in
Get in that wing; do ya wait thing
Man drowning in sweet water I'm free as a bluebird
My wingspan is free of diseases and I mean this
Aloof, Standoffish; I'm all of this and I won't change
One man with four names
All four names think one thing: shit sweet

A cloud carrying rain made it's way through the sky
And shed a tear from it's wide open eye
that glowed brighter than a Firefly at night
A raindrop (x 2)
Confections from a candy cloud
A raindrop (x 2)
It tastes sweet enough to sing out loud

Candy clouds. Drug use. Legalize.
Get one bong with one pair of these chinky eyes
--Wait pardon me
I get one life that's one reason why
I should go as hard as I do
When they saying that we should die
like "give 'em all H V and I"
Yeah nigga…Yeah nigga… I'm supposed to be dead nigga
Young, black, gay -- AIDS chase gay niggas with my skin shade
Get pissed off. Raise cain. Niggas die.
Name ways
Million ways: read the list off
Most of that shit make ya dick cough
But I'm still here
Happy dance
Its similar to a crip walk
And we have sex and I get dressed and my clothes on backward: I'm Kris Kross
And I don't give a fuck
No free fucks
And you don't get percents off
of no fucks baby
Kiss off
Kiss my black ass with lips soft
Shit sweet

Track Name: Come Around Summer / Summerlude
Fuck canned food
Fuck canned food
Nigga named Last and I am the label
I spent a little money on designer jeans
Shit I don't even need to use an iron on these
Cause I'm hot bitch... music go
Bump bump-a-bump
Bump bump-a-bump
And it's not zits
Its hi-fi
I'm on the internet
What's your bandwith
I sanitate... sanitate
put 'em in a bag...
Then the bag I lift
They in the back of it
Compress and smash the shit
Like paper planes I got a swag like a fag like
yeah I'm like that
I don't sag like them other niggas
Nope, that's that shit that I don't like
Hey tweet me
I got sweet teeth
Connect the dots
Eat rappers... so I eat sweets
I'ma underground legend
And i ain't even have to keep my chest or my stomach out
I ain't even really have to dumb it down
Look look it's enough dumb ones around
One: that's my number now
Any other quote-un-quote
Number one
Is my understudy and don't really know how dumb they sound
Summertime - hot bitch
On them other guys
With them other lines
Ayo that sound like summer time

Aye I think they know the time
Its brag and toot my trumpet time
Like when I come around ya spot
It's hot; a nigga summer
I only come around in summer
I come around in summer time
A muh'fucka hot
I come around; Its summer time
I'm talking June, July & August
Not no 'nother 'nother time
I only come around in summer
I come around its summer time
I said I come around its summer
Not no 'nother 'nother time
A muh'fucka hot
Nigga that's summer time; summer time

Fuck ramen noodles
Whole foods
All them dumb fucks put together is the Fourth Stooge
Yeah, I cussed I swore too
Made some songs about whoring too
Ooh, they said I'm boring too
But L is typed in all caps
Three years: that's time lapse
But no whining... Nigga why's that?
I'm built too Ford tough
And I go in nigga: no doors shut
I made songs with more smut
And they holla stop
Nigga, or what?
.44 gon' load: click-clack
Is it serious like that?
Or is the shit fake like titties that's fat
On a bitch that you knew like 'where you get that?'
Rather sit back
Have a seat relax
Relapse on my drugs flow
Relapse on my drugs flow
Sweep that under rug ho...
You don't want them niggas hear that
I will eat yo ass up with my little weird ass
Pride'n'joy of my dear dear Dad
No more tears
Here's a thing -- smear that
Where ya sitting at?
In the rear and back
Summer time
I come around in summer time
Summer nigga summer nigga
That's you niggas bummer time



So we can total up this twenty grand
That's money spent
Just to be me
Sniff the upper lip
I talks the most fuckin shit
duh duh duh duh duh duhhhh
That's how that fuckin trumpet went
I toots my own - brag a lot
I gots this fanbase that just may boo and moan
now that I've changed it up
I'm LastO -- formerly Offence
the one that they done told you 'bout
Who screaming they the best?
I got this flow that shuts they open mouth
Quiet them
Filthy mouth
Grandma scrubs and soaps it out
In this shit... type of shit I get in and I wont get out
I barely met a few who didn't doubt
I'm hearing all these "where were you?"s
I wonder if you niggas wear these shoes would you win the race
Or just get carried out?
Gasp for air; playing in this game that clearly wears you out
Think they got the throne
Ill prepared for the day the chair gets pulled from under you
That chair is out

Track Name: I'm Ur S.s.
HOOK (x2):
You be like fuck them other ones (x 5)
Voice: Man this nigga wavy
LastO: You're mine. You're mine.
Voice: Uh uh I'm yours. I'm yours.

I be like whoop whoop: handcuff you
I won't leave neither... I won't leave neither
I'm at you -- I ain't sneeze neither
That's no joke and no tease neither
We can fuck
Do some things that the world ain't seen
And the birds ain't seen and the bees neither
Like butt naked
no tee shirt and no button downs
and no jeans, sneaker
(I'm yours. I'm yours)
I'm a good ass nigga with a good ass job
Not a hood ass nigga I abide by laws
I 'Hi. Bye' ya'll ole peezy head niggas
Not 5"5 tall, I am 5"11
I am hot, on fire, dial 9-1-1
If I see and I like then I might buy one
You can see by the gear that I might got funds
(I'm yours. I'm yours)
But if you on that "on my own" shit
I ain't pressed. Bye. I move on quick.
A stick a stone breaks bones which
bone get broken by no huh?
Which bone? Which bone?
(No, which way to your address nigga?)
It's on... It's on
And I could play it cool like a cucumber or like cubed ice
But you drop them hints and clues like... um I'm the one that you like
So I'm running this here game
Lacing up these shoes tight
You got me in that mood like
You mine. I'm-- I'm--I'm

HOOK (x2)

V-I-P....with an emphasis on "V" (Very)
Rental car outside uh-huh we fake low budget stunting
Aye bitch I got a degree. Degree. (Know it)
Emphasis: Degree
Like I could tell you one thing
Mane I could tell you two things
Man them negroes think they run things
Look at niggas knees... yuck
Emphasis: Disease
These negroes out here cunting
Emphasis on weed
Roll that up in blunt things
Man I do Donald Trump things
All you niggas fired
Emphasis on pink...slip.
...And slide up out them clothes that you slid up in this club up in
We can do our thing but um I sposed to be woke up at ten
No fuck that. I can bump that then.
Your goodies. I'm jumping in.
If it hurt you could say "Uncle" then
Aye we could do this thing
Til the muffins in the muffin tin
Hot oven to shove it in
That's breakfast and then brunch and then lunch and then...
We could do this thing
Once again
I'm yours. I'm yours.
Emphasis on me.
Emphasis on you.
Emphasis on we.
I put that emphasis on fun like
Emphasis on weeeee
Aye aye emphasize them hips and thighs is to the Nth degree
Like-like "Is it mine? Is it mine?"
It is and it is free
You're mine... uh uh I'm yours (x2)

Sony Cobain:
Ya ho give me brain that's that fire head (x8)
Track Name: Dream Wild (feat. Sony Cobain & Ashley Liverman)
Tryin to get a dollar while the US on recess
Little bit of weed little EX
Do a little romp in the sack but you praying to ya God that they free of diseases
Looking to your left to your right
Scared shitless thinking this gon be it
In the concrete jungle with Alicia
but where the dreams at? Think we need a remix
Got a degree what you need is a check
Got a pair of knees and they deep in that debt
Ace Boon got a good job and he brag every chance that he get
Got a house on stilts in the sand and he be in the Hampton's and shit
Pull you to the side-- talk that sense
"Dream if you want dog, if that's what you want.."
Like it's a dream that a nigga can't get
But I'm here though
Been did the shit 4 years ago
No in-stores no on-screens
Keep warm nigga with long sleeves
Cause it's a cold world
Cold breeze
They told me
Success would elude me them niggas there don't know me
Look: bright lights, G4 flights
Champagne corks, not Coors Light
That's your life, what you want -- I'm more like fuck all that
My records dog what they call that?
They can call that all wack I call it more than I had ever dreamed

Cause I'm right here in my wild ones (wild ones x 3)
Right here in my wildest dreams
I'm living out these wild ones (wild ones x 3)
Right here in my wildest dreams
And they may not see my dreams quite like I see my own dreams -- but they're mine
I'm right here in my wild ones (wild ones x 3)
Right here in my wildest dreams... yeah!

VERSE TWO (Sony Cobain):
I give up; I feel like I'm falling
Why do I constantly invest my all-in
This shit
When I know the game ain't shit
I just wanna be good; I don't wanna be rich
Swear to God they could never understand what I been through
Yellow nigga floss for the cake in them mius mius
But I'm hurting deep down inside
Will I ever be mainstream and beat the odds?
And my own best friend told me that I wasn't shit
So I tried to break that muthafucka into pieces
You can't trust everyone you break bread with ask Jesus
Can I live? Can I get by?
No Angry Birds… but could I get fly?
I just wanna feed the fam though
overseas shows stack a hundred grand yo
Word is bond I been through the most
Now I stack bread, no butter, no toast
Used to drink water with a little bit of sugar
Now it's Ciroc on the rocks; I'm gooder
My name been in places I never been
Leading like the wolf of the pack
so let's fall in
I got some blue prints and some maps so we all in
Heath Ledger up in your city with the long grin

HOOK (x2):
Oooh I'm right here in my wild ones (wild ones x 3)
Right here in my wildest dreams
I'm living out these wild ones (wild ones x 3)
Right here in my wildest dreams
And they may not see my dreams quite like I see my own dreams -- but they're mine
I'm right here in my wild ones (wild ones x 3)
Right here in my wildest dreams... yeah!
Track Name: Travel Planz (feat. TwiZz@)
Uh…Come and watch the boys
Who watch the boys
Them the niggas I rep
Them the niggas I rep
And you can tell my boys by they travel plans
Travelin' by caravan or hop up in that jet
Hop up in that jet--
Where they goin?
Miami in May / Labor Day in Atlanta (x2)
Come and watch the boys
Who watch the boys
You can tell my boys by they travel planz -- what?

Aye Nigga with a purse or a dufflebag
Maybelline in that compact
Facequeen to thug realness now who I done fucked is my bidness
And when they salt shake on my parade
I puff puff on that Child's Play
Blunt got a red-head… Connect the dots
Nigga Child's Play
Aye keep ya mind all on ya beez wax
On yo bizness week
On yo five days
R-run all outta that patience sir
Patience gone; nigga miles away
I spoon feed em
this teaspoon of this faggotry
Then I smile real big so the camera can see
Click flash on me
yup that is me
Name: Lastly
I don't like her pussy… why the fuck would I act for her?
Shit, Last real good for a middle finger up
Like fuck you -- shit -- not even in the butt
That's why they don't even like to bring a nigga up
I'm wild like Left Eye going to the house
then strike the little match
Then gasoline it up
Flaming faggot
Charm the pants that you sag wit
Could bag the ho that you came wit
Then fuck her once like that's it
We've had it
My kinfolk
Me, myself, my kinfolk
And I stand for my niggas; we talkin back
You roger that? That's 10-4


My ends is sitting like Remy while you bitches tossin that Yaki back
I'm still here -- two down, one up, nigga four flats
Nigga know that -- more cunt than a little bit
Poster child-- that's more tacks
More scratch than a muthafuckin hit and they lucky numbers, bitch more stacks
I'll tell you what: put ya two lips here and pucker up: Ass Crack
You bold enough to talk shit and let 'em fly?
We bust back
Poker face; Fold That
Gag bitch-- yeah Kodak
That mean mug and LastO
Tyrone; Mo' crack
I'm throwed off; I'm shortbus
I'm cray cray: Prozac!
I'm in the wind… You still here, investi-hating?
Big ass sissy
Puffin on dicks like a bag of weed
Rockin it like Leiomy and payin dust to other queens
We had it; My kinfolk
Me, myself and him so…
You need to take heed
And get with this, Nig
Guaranteed to get dough

Track Name: Barcelon
Every dime i've spent was on credit, nigga my debt is up
Shit is bubblin between me and Chase - that shit is Seven Up
Gone for too long but i've stayed hot; guess I didn't sweat enough
Niggas on them sidelines be praying that I go belly up
But I'm back
Wow them miracles they never cease
Returned from being deceased… not buried six but um seven feet
Them niggas not addressing me
Not likely, because I never hear my moniker
Its Last Offence… Fuck you all! Fuck everyone -- that's a passion pit
Time to move on from simply rapping bout a nutsack and dick
The absurdity
I laugh at it
Any list where i'm not number one, that's simply half the list
I was told to undress; had to haggle to keep the hat and shit
Management wanted me to be a woman wearing Mac on lips
Ya'll know that's a Manolo slingback that I just cannot fit
"But don't you want this Money?
you have no pot or a can to piss…"

LastO Barcelon
Fuck the image could do this shit with just bars alone
Content with bargain clothes, bargain cars, nigga bargain homes
Cowabunga -- I'll party on

Ya'll almost let Republicans
just snatch this shit up
Offer up your only butt to get fucked in
Sick of faggots whining
Boy had Mitt got in…
Ya'll would really hear me huffing, poutin, puffin then
Between my head and Fox news
Shit all they fucking do...both of them.... just fuckin spin
Tackle the issues but only do it briefly; they'll delete me
Every CD they own of mine and mp3
Boiler room -- the pressure's on
All them status quos I've ignored
All these industry toes that i keep on stepping on
Saint Louis own
Ice cold nigga: a scoop, a cone
Shelter from this flood of that BS that they be raining on you: a super dome
Nevermind bout the bragging -- go'on let me toot my horn
Which rapper friends do you mean? My crew is gone...
Am I better off or worse for it?
I pleads the fifth I never comment on it
Just carry this pail of this dust that I pay it and pile it on it
This here is real rap, it sounds nothing like there's no Miley on it; no Britney Spears or no Katy Perry singing, whining on it
Almost might've retired; just recently decided against it
Posing for pictures beside niggas I hate and smiling on it
Can't tell me 2009's really my final shining moment
Might as well stick a knife in my side, twist it, Hold it
Can't be crying like
babies wearing no diapers
Potty train; control shit
Take a moment
LO breathe and don't flip.

Cause it's gon be alright
Fuck the hinderance
You could do this shit with simply bars alone
Track Name: For Tonight
Snatched me off the market
Cutie pie to serve and plate up
Aye which arrangement should we do?
Should we just pay up?
Or should I do that pre-nup?
We could share this apartment
As long as they got a locksmith to come and make that key up
You know my government…other shit
In your rolodex is the address where my mother live
Aye I see ya'll - ya'll still be fuckin
Players play on
We be fuckin to reach for a sock to wipe these stains on
But this one stay on my roster
Maybe even in the near future you can tack my last name on
My name is last if its bout singing a dang song
Done sang some damn songs that my moms would be ashamed of
And this consensus that love is for a nigga who acts like a bitch is to keep niggas doing shit that kills us
Cause you know where ya dick is
Can you tell by looking exactly where that HIV is?
3-play -- not one, you look like three dimes
4-play -- fucking up this interior design
Clothes every which way I can't even see mine
But what we really need to see that shit for?
Yeah we may argue back and forth
But then our thighs just clap more
I swear I'm not for matrimony
Thas a wrap
No tuxes on me
But somethin happens when you touch up on me
I guess it's kinda like a dream right?

A dream come alive
A wish come true
Since the dream's just for tonight
I'd like to lie the night with you
That's my dream come true
I'd like to lie the night with you (x5)
That's my dream come true

Ayo… ya body hot
Sack of marijuana in this funny pipe
Date me whether if you got the time or not
Simon says
Climb on top
Oh if they give us a side eye
I got this finger sliding up
This shit is skinimax --
Same way we picked up them clothes
Slid in that
Slide on out
Eating the sweetest part of you
Throw the rind right out
My mind is out -- I'm out of it
I'm timing out
The weed was the kind that you find out about from these types with no ambition 'cept to find ways to get high and lie around
I've mellowed out
Barely a curse word up out my yelling mouth
What happened to back it on up?
Nuh uh I'm selling out
I'm trying to cuff you... yeah cuff you
Them meddling niggas screaming let the felon out
Happens to the best of us
It brings the worst out the best of us
An inner green eyed monster comes
Its spilling out
Before you I was truly lonely
Its sappy I know it
The type of shit you never tell 'em bout
A private thought I might've thought
I might just think
This a dream where I catch it all
and I don't blink
A side of me
Rarely seen
Don't share these things
This the closest I think I'll get to wearing rings
You know
Wedding rings
Kinda like a dream right

Track Name: Live To Hate
This how it go:
Might not be your favorite
Saint Louis born, bred
You hear the way them drums kick
Aye when they ask you who the best don't be up on that dumb shit
Black shirt
Black cap
Diss me then I laugh back
Don't they want to stay the night
And bring over a nap-sack
Pay not no nevermind to them boys
They forever ride nuts
Either in the jar or with the shell its fine
Like fuck it they'll
Ride it
Think them niggas nice
Take that, multiply it by six
You get it
No need to go no further
Its brags in the raps the name is Last now why you mad for?
Ya'll some stunt queens rocking clothes with the tags on
Chalk outlines and I ain't tryina get my math on
Chalk outlines, coroners, some sad songs
That's they career-- they keep talking bout Last wrong...
Fa' real I'm on that nice shit
Is the instinct ice pick or keep a tight lip?
Aye I don't why they sweating me and my few clicks
I thought these boys was heavy weights
Like on some Bruce Bruce thick
But none of them can hang with me
But if they wanna stick they neck out
I'll slide it in that noose quick
Bye bye
Tell them boys 'Goodnight boys'
Bitch I'm out here trying to get this life
Fuck it

A nigga doing good
Did it on his own
A nigga doing great
They live to hate
I live…I live
I'm living out here (x8)
These niggas gon say to me?

A nigga doing good
Did it on his own
A nigga doing great
They live to hate
I live…I live
I'm living out here (x3)

Ayo Miami, Dallas and Cali done put a tan on me
That's code for hot
I'm hearing L.O.'s a flop
That's what they sayin on that grapevine
My name always in they mouth I'm sure it tastes fine
One man island with nothing but water, sand around it
We aint friends nothin is Phoebe or Chandler 'bout it
Fuck off
Look I gots this kind of pretty neck
Where all them niggas wanna wrap they hands around it
No sweat
I'm giving them my ass to kiss
No sex
'Cause I done said 'Fuck you' too many times to count
Got no fingers or no toes left
I hear 'em dissing out there
Its nowhere near to the shit that I kick
But look I understand that's your best
Trigger finger you stretch
You playing Russian Roulette
Keep fuckin with L.O. dawg
You're gonna take your own fucking life

HOOK (x2)
Track Name: Five Finger Discount
Ayo I ain't on that red carpet shit
Gives a fuck bout what I wear
I'm not yo average fag with that louis V symbol on that bagg-ar-age
Got sweet tooth for cupcakes dancing in this club place
I don't drink
Nigga I smoke pot
Any shirt. Any jeans
Why we wearing anything? I mean
For real magic where it happen
In them bed sheets
Feel them sheets-- them is satin
Ugh yeah... I could talk politics
A degree type ole nigga
Just a nerd
Something about that county brown burb type of swag
Dumb it down for who? That shit absurd
Get on my level
Test scores that LO got
Talkin all that nonsense
You ain't got no shot
Like click click
Click click
You aint got no shot
Like Click click
You ain't got no shot

You want a ride home?
I could give a ride home to ya
You want a ride home?
Come and get this ride home

Snatch and pick it up (x3)
Five Finger Discount
Snatch and pick it up (x3)
Uh oh

Wiling on a shoe string budget
Nigga fuck it
Me and my main squeeze
Main squeeze got a glass of that Cabernet Sav And he chug it
Puff puff pass; not in public
Run ya little fingers through my Indian hair
I'm a dime piece it ain't any in there
Cream of that crop; crop of that corn
Them some corny ass niggas maricon maricon
Mutha fucka
Toot toot -- notes from my trumpet
Toot my own trumpet
When is we gonna tongue kiss
Back to my crib
Hop skip and just one flip
Miss mother nature say just one dick
and one clit
Miss mother nature
Bitch you can stuff it
You ain't never been in need of ya nuts licked
Talkin real rude
Bout to get my nuts kicked
In here tryina snatch somebody up
Five finger discount


I'm in a fitted cap: lovely
I'll tell you what I really think
Ya mug: it is sitting up, relaxing
but i dont want ya wedding ring
you on my facebook tumblr and my twitter and my everything
boo that is cool you can groove with the music
nope you want them pelvic thrusts all in the nude
boo do you even got a clean bill of health
or do you got bubonic plague below the waist like when you take a look down there
do you notice something new done grew on it
Ugh fuck around and kill the mood don't it
I cant barely two step like I used to
I used to double fist the Stella Artois
That is two brews
Two cubes of sugar
That is true tea
Slide up in that bitch
Go'on snatch ya'self a cutie
Track Name: WhereIsSheLude
I'm the finest grapes from the grapevine
Savignon of that Cabernet
Now if you want good wine then it has to age
I got a list of wants but that only fills up half the page
Got a list of cunts
Disk full…. one gig away
Fistfull of this gwapoli
I spend a dividend every different day
Explicitly tell'em Im po as shit -- never did insinuate
They may respect tha talent i have
But i do things in a different way
For those who came to just look at my pics
Them muh-fuckas just drift away
They said i blew it
Confuses me... cuz i don't remember giving brain
What i'm here fo?
To go in -- pierced earlobe
But there's a cold wind
Sincere folk get roped in...
Clothes come off
I been hit hard but I dust off
Never did shed tears tho
If i must starve then I must starve
Came here four years ago to do real shit
The realest thing about me sir is I'm a weirdo
Listen close you can hear it tho
Some of these niggas come here for that real shit

So where?
Where is she?
Where is she?
That real shit?

Where is she?
Where is she?
Not this bitch

Where is she?
Where is she?
That real shit

Where is she?
Not this bitch that real shit

Did I lose myself in this bullshit?
Did I change from who I was because of this bullshit?

Where is she?
Where is she?
Not this bitch

Where is she?
That real shit
That real shit
Track Name: BlackManLifeSpan / 40Lude
HOOK (x2):
You get:
67 in it
You get 67 years in it
Why would you waste it on another nigga (x2)
67 years in this bitch

I am still a teaspoon of that sun shine
No need for you to relay rumors
I hear 'em just fine
That shit is getting flea flicked and fly swat
They don't buy my food
Or buy my white shoes or my white socks
Could care…
But care less
No hair up off my bare chest
No skin offa my dick
My jeans still got the right stitch
Phone: it be a touch screen
No sir, that shit does not flip
So what I think bout them boys?
I don't think
Not shit
67 years huh?
That's the average life span for a black man
And I'm quite male and I'm quite tan
Fuck you thought?
Papa see, but Pop don't do that dumb shit
I'm righteous
I keep my bills paid dawg
Flick flick: my light switch
Talk on
Don't talk long
My patience running short
For these dip shits
Yawn yawn
That's why I look bored for
67 years huh?
That's what I'm in store for
So why the fuck? Why would I waste it on you piddly little niggas

HOOK (x2)

An itchy trigger finger snatched a life
Well whose choice?
Behind bars?
Below dirt.
The lucky nigga has all his appendages
Look -- one life had ended in an incident
I'm sure he miss them swimming pools and pretty bitches he was swimming with
Chug that champagne
A lowered casket: grave
"Wade in the Water" choir sang as the band plays
67 years that's the lifespan
You'll be lucky 21
Long live that white man
Educated black man
Swear and raise your right hand
Do solemnly swear to
Raise your youngest heir to
Learn about that Nasdaq like we can trade them shares too
Airfare is irrelevant if the sky aint the limit
Like what good do airfare do?
Go'on get that wealth and not that money
Then they scared of you
Niggas talk shit?
Fuck care?
Don't waste a minute

I'm so grown in my black man bag of bones
Sexin this cutie
This lube that I slathered on
Toasting up this good life -- you only get sixty-seven
Niggas can choke on a dag-on tongue
I hops up on no bandwagon
That same shit that ya'll like…
I be like "I'm alright"
Dog, you only get one life; they out to waste my one life
Talkin all that dumb stuff
I hop on records, tongue fuck this subject that I must touch
Dog I feel I must touch
Just ever so briefly on that passage from that book that they be steady tryina read me
Lets not waste no breath uh
Keep on breathing
Inhale to exhale dog
You only get sixty-seven
Don't waste a good twenty-three
I'm sure that you'll get to heaven
Ain't no skull as thick as me
Wristwatch do ticking things
Doorknobs do twisting things
Walk out, do limping things
Whatever you need sir
I know what my minutes mean
So fuck you
Track Name: Pour A 40
That's my word x3
(They dead nigga!)
That's my word x3
(They dead nigga!)
Pour a 40 for the dead x3
(They dead nigga!)
Pour a 40 for the dead x3
(Cause you killing niggas out here!)

Beach towels
I got crusty toes
I'm on vaycay
like beverly hills on my Cali boy shit
I'm a fly ass nigga and my carry on thick
them niggas can suck on a hairy ole dick
then choke wheez nigga
no air in your shit
your Folex watch; it ain't never gone tick
pro-gress nigga
you a cold mess nigga
pretty nigga please with a cherry on it
Lasto been one
no variances
flow came
then been been very gone since
you bitch
lil miss
yeah you a bitch
and I can tell by the way your House of Dereons fit
middle finger up since my first day of work
oh he ain't that cute when his face in the dirt
off with they head cuz they played wit me first
off with they head
off with they head
so they better start wearing they name on they shirt
Style change up like Michael face
you collide with the boy Geico might pay
man them niggas straight shit
I could wipe them away
high five for the nigga with nine to five job
like nine to five all day
riling niggas up
if you need a hot nigga then dial a nigga up
iPhone on my waist make it holla at my gut
Looking for the boy then I'm prolly in ya butt
Nigga what!?
I'm in these niggas ass; killing niggas out here



Sharp in a suit and a
tie with a briefcase
The boy the business
Big shit
Need space
Snatch wigs: keepsakes
Them boys peter'd out: Pete's sakes
John, Paul, Pete …shouldn't compete
That ain't three niggas
That's three plates
And I clean plates
Twist the cap off of the 40 oz bottle for the recently dead
Mama gon weep… oh mama don't cry
I got shit sewed like a needle with thread
Niggas on hush
like shut the fuck up
Money on tuck and the wallet won't budge
Dead green face in the God that we trust
Being broke in them skreets will fuck a nigga up!
Won't it though?
in a high heel shoe with an open toe
Lipstick, Star Trek: I boldy go
where no homo go before
I pit pit pit click clack unload
Reach for the clip then load some more
Then pit pit pit -- more open holes
Is they eyelids open? No they closed!
Shovel up
Some open holes
Then toss them in
Heeve and ho
Wait no! I think see one breathing NO!
Da fuck? Them niggas dead
I'm killing niggas out here -- what?
Track Name: I'm Ur S.s. Pt. 2 (Bonus)
Reluctant as a sex symbol... But fuck it, I'm ya sex symbol

Fa'real I'm in this room
It is populated with dimes tho
The fuck do I know?
I don't know nary none of them -- why tho?
Dog I can't call it
make it my job its my nine to five now
to get to know you
find some time set it aside to dine on
dinner and movies
you might decline thinking I'm the type or kind that plays with minds
i never play mindgames specially when i find a mind that is fine
Wicked. A wicked lil boy
Call me whenever
If ever
I'd be inclined to dial nine, open a line
I wouldn't mind
Talkin bout this and bout that
Issues most niggas would never
I won't shake salt on them boys
But listen here this isn't pepper
This is as real as it ever gets
I offend them on records
In person
Know me to love me
Love me you love me forever
Dawg! L.O.
Possessed by the devil
You into what I'm into
Lets do a Connect 4
Minus about two chips
No breezies just these two oop
You, me, and these two lips
Just you me; no youtube clips

Reluctant as a sex symbol
But fuck it I'm ya sex symbol
Sweat out salt water from your left temple
Rapper/slip it out that package wrapper
Its rubber
Bunch of racket when a nigga fuck ya
That's awful
Same mouth I let my mama talk to
Forgive me
Flaunt it
Fuck it that's in me
Then I call you; dial your number out
We can give brains huh
We can suck that dummy out
You gone make me beg
Now I know what being bummy 'bout
Birds and the honey bees
I turn pug-ugly
When I do my coming thing
Pass out and catch a hundred z's
Oooh LastO
Se habla en espanol
Too caliente for you and yours to handle
Attitude is on fuck it
Like fuck the things your man say
(You ain't got a man do you?)

Well if you got a man then where's your man?
I be just inquiring
It ain't really that pressing
Ain't like I'm gonna cry or nothing
Plus its never shade 'cause listen
I don't like them type of tans
Hey if he wack, well then he wack
Then dust him off and try again
But fuck if that's your taste, well then you like that
Throw them spices in
'Cause I can fish that ocean where all of them other Pisces swim
I don't give a damn about what's tea or if the ice is in
I don't give a fuck about your Judys if they chiming in
Ten digits to reach me you can write them or can dial them in
'Cause you have got a colon I would like to stick my hyphen in
Or I could take your number
You'll get mine when I type "Hi" then send
I don't drink no cold ones; just this piff and then this pipe its in
I could whistle up this taxi back to my apartment in Brooklyn where I got this ceiling and this upholstery or we could take it slowly
Social networks: you can add me
@ me on Twitter
But I ain't really known for being chatty